Intelligence is our heart and soul. Enrich conversations with GNOSS

The GNOSS Cognitive Platform helps to make organisations and businesses intelligent and build the inventive new world of creativity that is the future.


The GNOSS Cognitive Platform facilitates the integration, interpretation, querying, contextualisation and enrichment of information. The Platform accelerates knowledge discovery and research on every subject, promoting the generation of new ideas and development of creative approaches.

Make it easier: manage complexity with GNOSS

GNOSS solutions for managing complexity ease difficulties and enrich personal interactions, making them more meaningful.


GNOSS solutions unify and link widely-scattered data. They help people to research any topic in-depth and better understand the world in which they live out their lives.

GNOSS is reliable knowledge. Make better, more informed decisions with GNOSS

Philosophy, knowledge and know-how spring forth from technology and all the possibilities artificial intelligence has to offer.


GNOSS provides new ontological representation systems that extract and link entities, make it possible to process natural language, and digitally transform your organisation’s project based on the possibilities afforded by artificial intelligence.

Build your own Knowledge Graphs

Discover and research any subject more intuitively and more in-depth. Enjoy a semantically conscious website:

  • - Understand and interpret
  • - Seek and find
  • - Reason, discover and learn
  • - Boost your user experience
  • - Get answers on any device
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Build your own Knowledge Graphs -- Knowledge Graph

Knowledge is in the connections

Link your information to what people are doing. Interpret your data and increase productivity.

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Put your data to work, spur creativity and collective intelligence.

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Think about how it’s all connected, learn faster, integrate operations and manage your organisation’s knowledge.

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GNOSS Sherlock. Artificial Intelligence for organisations on their toes

Processing natural language, automatically generating Knowledge Graphs and constructing querying systems, knowledge discovery, and analysis and recommendations based on entity recognition and linking.

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GNOSS Sherlock. Artificial Intelligence for organisations on their toes -- GNOSS Sherlock

The best choose GNOSS to keep moving forward

The GNOSS Cognitive Platform, partner in your organisation’s Digital Transformation

GNOSS behind the scenes

The GNOSS Technology Service is a robust and complex technological infrastructure designed to guarantee maximum security and efficiency.

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GNOSS offers three service models: SaaS, PaaS and On-Premise. Flexible deployment, maintaining the infrastructure and services you need.

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The most advanced performance, availability and security procedures in the Information Technology Infrastructure Library Reference Framework.

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Professional Services Committed, creative, tenacious, rigorous and decisive

We offer Strategic Consulting organisations seeking digital transformation based on the construction of their Digital Semantic Model.

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We integrate GNOSS technology by performing the necessary development, configuration and personalisation to be able to provide each client with services tailored specifically to their needs.

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We train administrators, content managers, analysts, ontologists and developers for optimum platform use.

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