GNOSS can deliver the highest levels of physical, logical and informational security. We guarantee the integrity, confidentiality and availability of the information on the platform.

Your data is secure with us

GNOSS works in and outside your organisation’s network. Your data remains secure, whether you use GNOSS as an intranet or you open access to clients or partners. GNOSS is housed in a private cloud and content is delivered securely through web browsers.

GNOSS business security options are continuously monitored and tested. We periodically perform independent audits on our platform, processes and networks to ensure that we meet our own demanding security standards.

If you prefer to implement GNOSS within your own infrastructure, our deployment plan will help you to secure your platform, meeting the security standards your organisation requires.

Identity and access management

Our access and authentication services guarantee that only authorised users can enter GNOSS.

GNOSS authentication is simple. We provide our own access system wherein users access all networks stored on your GNOSS platform with a single login (known as SSO, Single Sign On). Stored data are encrypted so that no one can read them.

Moreover, we can integrate the authentication system with external social network services (Google, Facebook, Twitter) or your organisation’s own services, such as LDAP.

If you need a higher level of security, we can add other access control measures, such as VPN or IP access control.

Preventive measures

The GNOSS servers are housed in a high-performance Data Center that complies with privacy and security regulations (ISO 27001:2005, ISO 9001 and LOPD, the Spanish Law on Personal Data Protection).

User data is encrypted with an AES-256 protocol so that they cannot be consulted from outside the application. What’s more, browser connections with GNOSS are protected with SSL.

Data storage is locally redundant, and back-up copies are continually created. Moreover, the data is regularly copied in another Data Center.

Platform management

The GNOSS platform is managed by an administrator. This role can be carried out by a user without resorting to your organisation’s systems department. This can be limited to guaranteeing the infrastructure’s working state without getting involved in functional management.

This user-administrator is able to manage content, utilities, structure and the platform roster, as well as each one of the websites and communities generated. Additionally, they are able to delegate the administration of each website and community, including webmaster tasks.