GNOSS (RIAM INTELEARNING LAB S.L.) is the Spanish leader in Semantic Web construction. Our tech company uses semantic technology to build and exploit Knowledge Graphs. We offer a Semantic Platform that can be personalised and adapted to the client’s needs as a set of technological services on pre-existing platforms

The GNOSS team

Our company is a team composed of multi-disciplinary professionals with more than 10 years of experience in the construction of the Semantic Web and the use of its technology and tools in Spain, incorporating a strong research and development component. We are a high-performance team with abounding professional curiosity.


More than a decade spent building the Semantic Web. RIAM I+L Lab is the leading Spanish company in Semantic Web construction. We have carried out and completed projects for the country’s national institutions and leading companies. In 2011, we were the first Spanish company to join the Linked Open Data Cloud.

Exemplary projects including those carried out for BBVA, Triodos Bank, Grupo Santillana, the Prado Museum, the University of Deusto, the Spanish Ministry of Education and Ministry for Finances and Public Administrations, and the Government of the Basque Country Autonomous Community in Spain attest to our professional track record.


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April 2004

Integrated organization engineering system

Identity Architecture (federated and multilevel) that facilitates interaction between the different social work spaces and organizational identity relationship on the platform and allows build and develop personal work and learning spaces (2004-2005)

June 2008

Semantic meta-server

Construction of a semantic metaserver for GNOSS Client and a service for the Server applications and data (2005-2008)

May 2009

Semantic interoperability space

Developing a Semantic Interoperability Space Using Resource Data Models Description Framework (RDF) and Web Ontology Language (OWL), the optimal framework to improve the interaction of systems and platforms (2007-2009)

February 2010

Launch of GNOSS

The first version of the GNOSS social and semantic platform is made public on the Web

February 2010

Data binding

GNOSS data is linked to Freebase, DBPedia, and New York Times, making the concept of Linked Data

February 2011

Semantic Search Engine

Putting the search engine into production for the exploitation of semantic graphs. A faceted search engine that emulates human reasoning with summarization, search refinement, and autocomplete (2009-2011)

February 2011

Graph DB

GNOSS starts the computation of graphs in RDF databases

June 2011

Scalable and highly available GNOSS architecture

The GNOSS architecture is deployed in high availability and in a scalable way

September 2011

GNOSS on the Linked Open Data Cloud

GNOSS is the first Spanish company to appear in the Linked Open Data Cloud, an essential part of the concept of the Semantic Web

January 2012

Cloud Infrastructure

Development and implementation of a Cloud infrastructure that allows scaling the GNOSS platform

April 2012

Semantic Content Manager (SEM-CMS)

GNOSS develops its Manager of Semantic Contents (SEM –CMS) : the semantic representation of the contents and components of the CMS allows better exploitations of these

June 2012


Production of the first versions of the GNOSS API, which makes it possible to integrate the platform with third-party applications and developments

October 2012

GNOSS in the Semantic Technology and Business Conference

GNOSS sponsors the Semantic Technology and Business Conference in New York where it also participates and presents the platform

January 2013

System of Generation of Contexts and enriched information

GNOSS offers a superior reasoning and knowledge discovery experience based on the implementation of the contextualization and personalization processes of the information (2011-2013)

June 2013

Semantic Framework for Developers (SFD)

Launch of the platform of semantic development that enables the deployment by third parties of configurations and GNOSS customizations

June 2015

Tailor-made workflows

GNOSS develops the tools to manage flows of work , states and responsible for the Knowledge Graph

January 2016

API v3: Integration Improvement

The third version of the GNOSS API includes a REST interface that improves integration with other systems

January 2017

GNOSS Orchestra

Development of GNOSS Orchestra, a BASE system that allows heterogeneous data synchronization

June 2018

Sherlock NERD-NLU

Cognitive Intelligence Tool for natural language processing, automatic generation of knowledge graphs and interrogation systems, knowledge discovery, analysis and recommendation based on entity recognition and linking