Deploying a GNOSS platform is fast, economical and flexible. Once deployed, it can be dimensioned to fit the scale of your company’s needs and development.

Secure collaboration in the cloud

GNOSS offers deployment and warehousing models in the cloud scaled to your needs. We are also able to tailor proposals according to your budgetary and security needs, taking into consideration your organisation’s resources and experience.

GNOSS places both Software as a Service (SaaS) and a Platform as a Service (PaaS) models at your disposal. As an exception for projects with specific sets of needs, On-Premise environments are available with an advanced support service that includes and ensures daily operations.

Lower costs

Deploying GNOSS in the cloud is agile and convenient. There is absolutely no installation, patches or updating necessary, which eliminates hardware and software costs and significantly reduces the time dedicated to management and maintenance.

From a shared service to fully dedicated architecture, housing in the cloud offers a variety of options at the right price.

You will be able to share web or data services that fit your needs or have your own architecture for your company’s most essential concerns. If it’s the best fit for the project, you could avail of a fully dedicated architecture.

Flexible and agile deployment options

GNOSS’ system for automatic version deployment quickly and securely deploys new platform versions and client product-specific functions, even in On-Premise environments.

With our automatic version deployment technology, your platform will always be up-to-date with the latest version, and no interruptions in service.

Every new version of the GNOSS platform undergoes an Automated Testing Process aimed at agilely ensuring the quality of the new versions.

Your data belongs to you

We’re interested your information’s security and consistency and in providing you with the best service, respecting both your independence and your data’s. All of the data you store with GNOSS are yours. We will help you manage, connect, integrate, share, and reuse your information, maximising its conversion into knowledge.

This includes conversations, comments and any kind of content housed on our platform. We are able to provide you with a complete export of your platform at any time on the suitable support and files, upon your request. That is our commitment.