Set Veintiuno

Set Veintiuno: Santillana’s Cognitive Platform for educating the talent and skill of the 21st century

Santillana chose GNOSS as its technological platform to deploy and shape the Set Veintiuno educational project, designed to provide teachers and students with a set of educational resources and services that will better prepare them with the competencies and abilities they need in the 21st century. This semantic educational platform promotes the abilities and talent that are indispensable for the 21st century. View the project

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Santillana Educación is an editorial group dedicated to publishing textbooks and educational content. As part of the PRISA group, Santillana is present in Spain, Portugal, Central and South America, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Technology for educational change

Semantic technology has placed itself at the service of the teaching/learning process. It encourages the increase and acceleration of knowledge management, information analysis, learning, communication and collaboration. Semantic technology enables education to be structured as based on data and evidence, where the teacher can improve and fine-tune their pedagogical strategy to students’ digital footprints, personalising learning and increases its efficacy.

Beyond the classroom

The aim is to integrate informal learning, collaborative work and knowledge management together with new educational materials and artefacts in an easily scalable and manageable social knowledge ecosystem.

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Set Veintiuno