Salup, personalized and humane healthcare

Salup, personalized and humane healthcare

Salup, an intelligent health insurance that preserves the health essence

Salup, the project to ensure the health of PSN, is distinguished by allowing each client to choose their personal health plan and offering a more personalized and humane care, with a health network committed to excellence. GNOSS provides PSN with an intelligent healthcare system that enables people to have meaningful conversations about their health and change behaviors to improve it. See the PROJECT

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PSN es la mutua de los profesionales universitarios. Nació a principios del siglo XX como entidad asociativa de los médicos para garantizar el futuro de sus familias. PSN ofrece un complemento de bienestar a las prestaciones públicas existentes, para cuidar de los que día a día se preocupan por los demás. Debido a su origen la base fundamental de sus mutualistas son médicos, farmacéuticos, veterinarios y odontólogos. En la actualidad, el posicionamiento estratégico está orientando a la organización a abrir su oferta a otros colectivos profesionales universitarios. PSN gestiona un ahorro de 1.361M € de casi 114.000 mutualistas.

Smart health insurance

Salup is a 100% digital health insurance, whose intelligent heart is based on the exploitation of a knowledge graph that integrates and semantically represents all the health knowledge of the insurer, which allows developing a personalized and sophisticated user experience, as well as respond to the information demands of potential clients and policyholders.

The knowledge graph of the PSN health project integrates all the information related to its offer of services, coverage and guarantees, medical acts, etc .; as well as the medical staff, which includes all specialties, medical centers, healthcare units, as well as healthcare professionals and their availability, which are the essential part of this very important healthcare insurance offer.

The representation of all this information through a graph allows us to create sophisticated interrogation systems that answer questions such as: "What coverage does myopia operation include?", "What is the closest trauma specialist to my home? "; make an appointment using natural language: "I want a gynecology consultation next week in Logroño"; o discover which professionals are experts in a certain pathology or which centers or doctors are specialized in a specific medical act.

Personal health program

Salup was born with an integrating vision of all the health professions involved in medical care and putting the person at the center. Based on the fact that each person is different, a personal health plan is designed based on a personalized diagnosis and the insured chooses their personal doctor to guide and accompany them in their health care.

In addition, the model encourages the activity of the person and helps them become aware of their health status to promote active prevention.

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