Smart Data for Predictive Analytics

The world and companies have been filled with data. But not all data tells stories. Big Data (Big Data) is concerned with the volume of data, the speed at which it is ingested, the variety of sources and its veracity, but the interpretation remains in the hands of the people who manipulate them. Interpreted Data (Smart Data) tell stories; They add to this the fact that the data know what they are and what others are related to and that they can be semantically interpreted by machines and systems.

Interpreted Data works like the atoms of a knowledge graph and associated analytical systems, and is the basis for building an Artificial Intelligence solution capable of answering the question "What can happen?" Predictive and trend and futures detection systems based on the analysis of interpreted big data represent a form of Artificial Intelligence that makes advanced analytics possible.

Companies that wish to consolidate their intelligence function are obliged to do predictive analysis based on interpreted data, consolidated in a knowledge graph that integrates and unifies company information with relevant information from abroad.

This set of techniques is framed within the field of Artificial Intelligence for analysis and definition of strategies, a central field of Business Intelligence. The objective is to identify strategies, practices, technologies and products that will create value for the business in the future.

Some of the most relevant use cases would be those that intend: