The BBVA Research search engine

A sole point of access to all BBVA Research economic analyzes

GNOSS has developed the BBVA macroeconomic analysis area interrogation system, a search engine built on a large graph of knowledge that integrates all the information generated by BBVA Research and that offers rich and contextualized content from a single access point. View the PROJECT

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The BBVA economic analysis center

Previously known as the Research Service, BBVA Research is a central area of ​​the bank dedicated since 1932 to generating relevant economic information. Formed by a team of more than 100 analysts, spread across 10 countries, ranking as a world leader in research and economic analysis.

Its mission is to stimulate public debate and promote society's knowledge of macroeconomics, financial systems, the digital economy or geostrategy.

Structured and enriched data to exploit the knowledge contained in BBVA Research

The BBVA Researh search engine integrates in a large graph of knowledge all the information offered by this strategic area of ​​economic information and analysis, allows it to be semantically represented and made available to the user in a functional and intuitive way.

Thanks to the integration of all the information in a single semantic layer, we can interrogate and extract useful knowledge from the dataset and strategic analysis of this service depending on our area of ​​interest. In addition, the information is enriched thanks to the context generation system, offering additional data on the entities collected in the questioned information, as well as related content.

All this is possible thanks to the knowledge graph of BBVA Research, built with GNOSS technology, which allows to link in an intelligent and updated way in real time all the accumulated information, detecting what content is relevant and which entities are related to each other and can exploit all this information thanks to the information retrieval system with predictive search developed by GNOSS VIEW THE  PROJECT

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The BBVA Research search engine