Sesoc 2.0

The semantic ophthalmology network for knowledge exchange

A digital ecosystem built on GNOSS that connects ophthalmologists, belonging to nearly 200 healthcare centers throughout Spain, in an interactive network in which to publish and share resources on more than 250 ophthalmology specialties. View the PROJECT.

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La red semántica de oftalmología para el intercambio de conocimiento

SESOC (Spanish Society of Ocular Surface and Cornea), is an organization that brings together professionals in ophthalmology with the mission of promoting exchange and research in this field. Among its collaborators are some of the leading pharmaceutical companies at the international level, such as the group Thea, Allergan and Esteve, with a total turnover of more than 800 million euros.

Since 2002, SESOC annually holds a congress that brings together nearly 400 national and international ophthalmology experts in order to train in the effective diagnosis of different pathologies, as well as to present innovative treatments in this field.

A digital ecosystem for the exchange of knowledge

The SESOC network of ophthalmologists allows its members to interactively share and publish training resources on ophthalmology. In addition, it offers an intuitive search thanks to its semantic metasearch engine that displays from the first the faceted categories that guide the user in the process. VIEW THE PROJECT.

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Sesoc 2.0