GNOSS Search Cloud

Integrate all the information of your organization in a digital ecosystem capable of intelligent searches and discover the hidden knowledge in the relationships implicit in the data of your systems.

The solution for end customers that lives in the cloud

GNOSS SEARCH CLOUD is aimed at end customers looking for:

  • Integrate all the information of your organization in a digital ecosystem: Consolidate your information and publication systems on the Internet in a single digital ecosystem that can be interrogated from a single point that integrates both the structured information of the organization, and the unstructured.
  • Search and find: Retrieve information from your systems using natural reasoning in an expressive, personal, intuitive, precise, rigorous and useful way.
  • Reasoning and making inferences: Discover hidden knowledge in the relationships implicit in your systems data on the basis of making inferences
  • Link information with each other and with external sources: Enrich the information in your systems with contextual information from your own ecosystem or from external sources
  • Visualize information: Visualize information in a graphic, dynamic, expressive and evolutionary way
  • Personalize the distribution of information: Develop recommendation and personalization systems that enable a proactive relationship with the different interest groups.

GNOSS SEARCH CLOUD offers the following services:

  • Ontological Engineering Services and Knowledge Representation
  • Search engine configuration and customization services
  • GNOSS Sherlock: Natural Language Automated Understanding and Processing Services
  • Inference rules identification and reasoning services
  • Data Integration Service: API.
  • Navigation and Visualization Services of the data and their relationships:
    • Knowledge Graph Service and dynamic relationships
    • Data management and visualization service on timelines
    • Dynamic data visualization and dashboard service

GNOSS SEARCH CLOUD requires an implementation project to start up the service and it is offered as a Cloud Service