Business Analytics

The platform allows the integration of any type of data, which produces a smart city; plant data within the framework of an Industry 4.0 transformation process; those of the supply chain and logistics; those related to product sales and customer demands, etc .; in an interpreted knowledge graph in which the machines are able to understand the numbers that are represented to better understand your organization and help you in decision-making, for example to: identify what significant relationships between different factors exist in an incidence in the production line; help you choose which products to add to your catalog, dynamically manage prices; better connect demand with your purchases, your offer and logistics ...

GNOSS Business Analytics Features

-Integration of internal and external numerical data in an interpreted knowledge graph (Smart data).

-Enrichment of data with external information. Combine the data from your systems with external information to have a richer and more complete vision of your business, broaden the information contexts, complete content or normalize data.

-Unmanaged dynamic analytics that allow users free exploration and analysis based on their interests.

-Combination of analytics with a powerful interrogation system on a knowledge graph.

-Predictive analytics.

-Integration with GNOSS Knowledge Graph Builder for the construction and management of knowledge graphs and the agile configuration of farms.

GNOSS Business Analytics Features