Educere: the educational resource portal of La Rioja

Educere: all educational resources available

GNOSS has developed the La Rioja Educational Resources Portal, a digital space that allows teachers to easily and practically access educational resources to support teachers in their tasks of preparation, configuration and educational intervention.

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Government of La Rioja - Ministry of Education

The Ministry of Education, Training and Employment of the Government of La Rioja is in charge of establishing the educational policies of the Autonomous Community of La Rioja. Among its organizations is CIFE, the Center for Innovation and Teacher Training. This body has among its objectives to plan and manage the best training offer for teachers in La Rioja, and to promote and drive educational innovation, enabling all those tools and instruments to accelerate and increase teacher learning.

A sole access point to all educational content

Teachers have at their disposal a set of interlinked educational contents with which to improve the intervention process in the classroom and a system that allows them to publish and share their educational resources, complementing and evolving the repository of starting content with the collaboration of all.

Innovative experiences narrated by teachers

Teachers have authoring tools to narrate their own teaching experiences and publicize their virtual educational spaces. In this way they encourage other teachers to initiate or consolidate the use of active methodologies and technology in educational settings.

A faceted search system that improves access to educational content

GNOSS has developed an information retrieval system that allows teachers to discover knowledge and learn while searching. Search becomes a learning route, providing a useful and effective way to interrogate existing content.

Educational resources enriched with relevant contexts

The results obtained when searching for educational content are "enriched" results. The content tab is automatically completed with contexts suitable for the search. For example, it is possible to offer other educational content related to the same subject, the same educational level, the same type of resource, etc.


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Educere: the educational resource portal of La Rioja