Aragon Open Data Pool

The semantic Open Data platform for the Government of Aragon, Spain

GNOSS developed an Open Data platform for the Government of Aragon in Spain called the Aragon Open Data Pool. This project is one more step forward in the Government of Aragon’s strategy of offering broader service to citizens through the intensified use of public data.

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Aragon Open Data

Since 2013, the Government of Aragon has been the driving force behind the Aragon Open Data platform with the aim of bringing together the data and information from Aragon public authorities and citizens, in addition to technological developers and infomediaries.

Evolution towards a work platform

The Aragon Open Data Pool is the next step in the evolution of Aragon Open Data towards being a semantic platform that links to the Government of Aragon’s open data and allows for the construction of a Knowledge Graph. The platform enables the provision of a wider range of services and much more practical and precision information for citizens.

Knowledge Graph for the Government of Aragon

The Aragon Open Data Pool is a semantic layer that is essential to the Government of Aragon’s Digital Transformation in the way they handle information. They aspire to be the platform for working with any open data tool, both inside the government and for reuse by third parties. Through the platform, any data originating from a database can and must become part of the Government of Aragon Knowledge Graph so as to be considered open.



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Aragon Open Data Pool