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The world is on the web, now also knowledge is; everything in the world is connected, now also knowledge, people, places, themes, moments ... entities linked in an interrogable graph. Technology that works, real answers.

GNOSS builds and operates Knowledge Graph for companies and institutions, integrating and transforming its data and content data represented semantically. The semantic representation of the contents allows the machines to be able to identify entities, attributes and their properties, and the set of relations that exist between them, facilitating thus saving time and costs related to the processes of interrogation, information retrieval and knowledge discovery.

A company or institution can be thought of as a great Knowledge Graph interrogable by people, allowing more advanced use of information, and therefore, the development of new businesses based on knowledge discovery. If furthermore, we integrate the significant data from the user interaction with the web, their tastes, their habits, their history, in this Unified Graph, we generate not only a documentary graph, but also a social graph being able to develop advanced recommendation systems.


We are the engine

GNOSS Knowledge & Social Graph provides you the conditions to activate the digital transformation process for your organization. GNOSS Knowledge and Social Graph connects and consolidates the generation and creation of content and information from your organization with publishing and access processes to them in a single web or data constellation in a graph of interrogable knowledge: more transparency, new processes, more participation, more engagement.

GNOSS makes possible to carry out the digital transformation of an organization to the extent that activates all its documentaries and social resources connecting them in a unified Knowledge Graph that is understandable by machines. This allows connecting the processes of creation and generation of information and knowledge with publishing processes. The various public websites of an organization are simply views from the Knowledge Graph that can be queried in any of its dimensions, with the advantage of providing the machine indubitable information on what resources are, and therefore, to generate a representation of the document RDF appreciated by search engines, a sort of SEO Semantic to add to conventional SEO. In short, we help Google to build its Knowledge Graph. Google appreciates semantics.

The intern exploitation of the Knowledge Graph, which can also be social, is making more transparent and more collective processes of knowledge creation, increasing and extending the capabilities of intelligence and organizational learning. In this internal operation of the Knowledge Graph that can be configured and customized in response to the business rules of the organization, it can be assigned different scopes according to customer needs. We would speak of utilities such as social intranet, collaborative document management, semantic content manager, Knowledge Hub as a single point of access to all information, Social Ecosystem Knowledge, collaborative work and learning platform, E-Social Learning platform.