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RIAM I+L LAB is a technological small enterprise founded by Ricardo Alonso Maturana with headquarters in La Rioja working for more than 10 years to help in building the Semantic Web, to help people and organizations to turn human intelligence into technological intelligence, To promote the deployment of the social-digital life, extending the life of people and organizations on the web.

RIAM I + L LAB has developed the technology platform GNOSS, a platform for semantic and social software that allows the construction and operation of Knowledge Graph with advantages for the end user.


- Helping organizations turn human intelligence into technological intelligence contributing to the functional integration of people and systems through the construction and operation of Knowledge Graph based on using semantic representation models of digital resources

- Collaborate with customers and partners in the development of digital strategies aimed at deployment of the socio-digital life in all areas of business (semantic web & data web)

- Accompany and support organizations in their digital transformation processes, ie, in cultural change and management, required to integrate their intelligence and learning functions in a network environment in order to produce collective intelligence


Phone number: 902 502545 / 941 248905