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We develop the Semantic Digital Model of your organization

GNOSS provides strategic consulting linked to the digital transformation of organizations based on building a Semantic Digital Model of the organization, identifying the set of entities, attributes and relationships that exist in the contents and documents of the organization, come to think from building a Knowledge Graph and its possible exploitations.


We carry out ontological engineering, standardization and integration of data and semantic annotation

GNOSS does in its projects a technological consulting which identify he most appropriate models of knowledge representation by developing a specific ontological engineering, standardization and integration of data and its semantic annotation. At the same time, it analyzes the models of implementation of the solution on the basis of technology and information systems existing in the customers, executing those implementations, configurations and technological developments that allow to offer a more personalized service.

GNOSS offers a technological service that allows integrating technology without being invasive or intrusive by performing developments, configurations and customizations that are necessary to provide the user a personalized service from the existing platform.


We train managers, supervisors and users of the Platform

GNOSS provides those specific training services for each of the roles and users established in the projects. The training focuses on maximizing the possibilities and profits of the platform by project managers, supervisors and users. This training is completed, in some cases, with specific training for prospective meta-platform administrators.


GNOSS is offered in SaaS mode with full customer support

GNOSS is a platform that is offered in Software as a Service mode (SaaS), ie, is offered as a service incorporating all those elements related to the preventive, corrective and evolutionary maintenance of the solution. GNOSS offers the highest quality in terms of support and service level for the customer ensuring continuity at all times.


GNOSS establishes alliances with leading technology integrators, large consulting focused-business and communications agencies

GNOSS has developed a Semantic Framework for Developers for third parties to carry out a set of tasks on GNOSS, integrating sectoral or technological expertise, with the new possibilities offered by the semantic and social platform. Alliances and partnerships cover both commercial and sales area as the technical and development area on the platform.

Entities such as Connectis Group, University of Deusto, Linked Knowledge, ZESTO Communication, etc develop on GNOSS.